A Balanced Philosophy

Hudson College prides itself in creating an educational experience that reflects a balanced philosophy.

From Kindergarten through to Grade 12, we focus on the development of those crucial “soft skills” that contribute to success in all areas of school, and life.

Our enriched curriculum focuses on developing essential academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Beginning with our Reggio Emilia-inspired Kindergarten program, through to pre-university Grade 12, our academic programs are infused with challenges that foster strong critical thinking skills. Our students work individually and collaboratively, developing essential communication skills that enable them to articulate orally, and in writing, the analytical means used to solve problems.

In keeping with our balanced philosophy, Hudson College students have a full range of extra curricular activities available to them, including a variety of sports, clubs, and activities in the Sciences and the Arts. Leadership opportunities are developed through all grades inside the classroom and outside the classroom with many leadership opportunities and excursions in both elementary and high school.

Hudson College also recognizes that a balanced philosophy promotes the development of a strong and moral character. Students are taught to respect themselves, and the Hudson community. Our teaching practices recognize and incorporate a global perspective. Through our class discussions, use of media, and a variety of leadership initiatives, our students become aware of their social and moral responsibilities to their communities, on a local and global scale.

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