Hudson’s Strengths

Our small class sizes at each grade level ensure that every student receives the necessary individual attention to develop their skills, strengths, and interests.

Our excellent, dedicated teachers are carefully selected from amongst the most experienced and qualified teaching professionals.

Our 4.5-acre campus features a large modern school building, over 40,000 ft², housing teaching and recreational facilities, spacious classrooms, administrative headquarters, a large gymnasium, a state-of-the-art research centre and cross-curricular lab.

Our enriched academic program and superior curriculum is integrated through our unique SMART SKILLS PROGRAM™, helping students to develop in 5 critical areas: Speech Arts, Mathematics, Analytical Writing, Research, and Team Building.

Our academic support programs cover all aspects of a value-added learning and education experience; from free after school tutoring to personal counselling, workshops and remedial programs, and individualized one-on-one help.

Our wide variety of extra-curricular clubs, sports, and activities provide many opportunities for students to enjoy student life at Hudson, and to learn beyond the classroom.

Most importantly, our bright and creative students, from all different cultures and backgrounds, help to embody the diversity and spirit of Hudson.

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