Principal’s Message

jack bavingtonMy 35 plus years experience as an educator in schools and university has taught me the importance of personalizing student programming to meet the individual needs of each learner. At Hudson College we promise a TOTAL PERSONAL SUPPORT™ system that looks to the needs of each student, and satisfies them, ONE STUDENT AT A TIME.

In academic terms, our SMART SKILLS PROGRAM™ will ensure that every student experiences an integrated program that will develop in her/him key abilities to move them to the next step of education and life. In personal terms our caring, supportive staff - at all levels - will see that each student is provided with a safe, nurturing, challenging and rewarding learning experience.

Dedicated to developing the whole individual, our highly qualified teachers are committed to working closely with their students. Starting from our kindergarten program through to university entrance, our enriched and well rounded program supports each individual's chance to successfully attain both future personal and academic success for the betterment of themselves and the wider community.

Our multicultural school population provides the same stimulating environment our students will experience later on in university and business life. We value diversity and find our students are enriched by meeting and learning with other young people from around the world.

If you are seeking a school where the focus is on individualized learning, in small class settings, provided by knowledgeable, supportive teachers, in a safe and secure environment, then you will want to attend Hudson College.

Some say it's all about what you learn. I say first it's all about how you are treated and nurtured in that learning environment. It's only then that successful learning will follow.

I know choosing the right school is important. I also know that if you select Hudson you'll have made an excellent choice. I look forward to meeting you at our College soon.

Jack Bavington
Principal, M.Ed.

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