University Placement

The goal of every Hudson student is to attend the university or college of their first choice. Consequently, it is one of Hudson’s highest priorities to help our students with their university placement requirements.

In the ever-evolving job market, universities and colleges continue to diversify their programs. Hudson College recognizes the importance of not only preparing for post-secondary education, but also being aware of the variety of degrees and careers that currently exist. We seek to equip students with valuable resources and knowledge when planning for their future.

University placement is a complex process.  It requires substantial knowledge, experience, patience, and sometimes personal recommendations.  Highlighted below are examples of what we do to meet each student’s university placement needs as part of our Total Personal Support™ system:

  • Offer workshops to discuss the application process and the university experience
  • Arrange for students to visit Canadian and American University Fairs to investigate various schools and programs; encourage students to visit the campus of the universities that they wish to attend
  • Provide one-on-one guidance and assistance with students’ research and selection of universities and programs that best meet students’ individual academic strengths, interests, and career goals
  • Develop academic plans for each individual student that will satisfy the requirements of their desired university programs
  • Provide information and assistance in applying for scholarships
  • Invite both Canadian and American universities to visit our school and speak with students about the specific advantages of their programs
  • Provide one-on-one guidance and assistance with individual student’s university applications; contact university admission officers to resolve any potential problems during the application process’
  • Utilize online programs, such as myBlueprint, to research current career statistics, develop education plans and help students make informed decisions about their future

In addition to our Total Personal Support™ system, Hudson College’s teachers are keenly aware of the demands of post-secondary programs.  Our teachers work to prepare students for the expectations of university/college, thus easing the transition between high school and post- secondary education.  They care deeply about our students' learning needs; have a true passion for teaching; and are equipped with excellent classroom resources and technology.  Starting from grade 9, students are taught to use the resources that are at their disposal and to advocate for their learning needs.

Our smaller class sizes allow teachers to provide extra help and offer students what they need to thrive and succeed.  Our three-semester system offers the most flexible schedule that provides our senior students with an opportunity to plan their post-secondary education in the best possible manner.

Planning one’s future can be overwhelming; Hudson College strives to provide expertise and a personalized service to ensure our students succeed.

Since the inception of the school, 100% of Hudson students have been accepted to many outstanding post-secondary institutions in Canada and abroad.  To date, Hudson Alumni have attended 60 universities and over 120 programs.  Our distinguished university acceptance record can be attributed to the dedication of our teaching staff, the commitment of our students, a large range of extra-curricular involvement opportunities provided to students, small class sizes with a three-semester system and the personal assistance each student is given during the university application process.

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