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Faculty / Staff

We are very blessed at Hudson to have such a truly great group of educators who help inspire, guide, and mould our young students into the future citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Our faculty's passion, hard work, and dedication to their teachings, inside and outside the classroom, have been instrumental in Hudson's identity as a wonderful, caring place to be a part of for young learners to grow emotionally, socially, and academically. Our goal as an entire group is to instill a life-long love of learning and improvement of one's self to all of our current and future students.

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Rose Bastien
Vice Principal, Elementary Division

Spec. H. B. A., York University
B. Ed., York University
M.Ed., York University, OCT
E.C.E. courses specific to inquiry through play
Member of N.C.T.E
Member of N.C.T.M
Special Education Specialist
Guidance Level 2
Principal's Course (York University)

Mrs. Bastien has a long history of teaching in a variety of elementary school environments. She brings a commitment to curriculum development and leadership in teaching practices to the position of Vice Principal.


Robert Bedard

Specialized H.B.A. Kinesiology & Health Science, York University
B.Ed. Intermediate/Senior Health & Physical Education/Geography, University of Ottawa, O.C.T.
A.Q. Special Education Part 1
A.B.Q. Intermediate Science
NCCP Level 1 Certified (Hockey)

Mr. Bedard is thrilled to start his journey at Hudson College. He began his teaching career within the intermediate and secondary grades, specializing in Exercise Science & Health and Physical Education courses. Mr. Bedard has a passion for teaching and has developed a variety of strategies that address the various learning abilities of his students. He is committed to developing a classroom that is both exciting and enriched. He also has 12 years of skating/hockey coaching and teaching, as well as 20+ years of elite hockey playing experiences. He has athletically trained across both Ontario and the United States with many of the world's leading trainers. Developing a passion for athletics led him to complete a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science, specializing in Athletic Therapy. In addition to teaching within a traditional classroom, Mr. Bedard has also established a technical-based skating school for people of all ages and skill levels. Mr. Bedard views teaching as a passion that requires an open mind and the development of skills that underline a deeper and practical understanding of foundational concepts.

Mr. Bedard is committed to providing an interesting and inclusive classroom while also being involved in Hudson's sports teams and extra-curricular activities.


Janessa Brunet

B.F.A. (Hons), First Class Honours, University of Manitoba
B.Ed. University of Manitoba, Permanent Professional Certificate (Manitoba)
Intermediate/Senior Art and ELA, OCT.

Janessa Brunet is an art educator and practicing artist, born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has gained experience over the last decade working in a non-profit, gallery, public and private school setting. Her personal art practice, while finding its beginning in photography, has grown to include printmaking, drawing and illustration.

Janessa has gained a reputation as an enthusiastic and energetic individual who not only makes strong connections and builds meaningful relationships, but as someone who truly believes in the transformative nature of art within peoples’ lives.


Isabella Butscher

Honours B. A. with High Distinction, U of T
B. Ed., OISE / U of T, OCT
Additional Qualifications, Special Education, Part 1; AIM Foundations Teacher Training
French Specialist for Hudson

Ms. Butscher began her career at Hudson in the Secondary division teaching French and English as a Second Language. Now, she is thrilled to pursue her love of language education as the French Specialist for Hudson. Her training as an AIM French instructor has reaffirmed her belief that a successful language learning classroom is rarely a quiet one! She has helped to run the school's Helping Hands Committee as well as the Art History Club. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys exploring the city by bicycle and going to concerts and plays. Isabella has a keen interest in etymology and loves collecting children's picture books.


Laura Chapman

M.Sc. Specialized in Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto
B.Sc. Specialized in Microbiology, University of Guelph
B.Ed., Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, OCT
A.Q. Special Education Part 1, English as a Second Language Part 1

Laura fell in love with teaching during graduate school at the University of Toronto, while researching the molecular biology of pollination. Since graduating from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Laura has worked with students from all over Toronto and around the world. Laura’s enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to her students drove her to pursue a variety of additional qualifications broadening her teaching strategies. Laura believes in experiential learning, and strives to get her students to do science and apply mathematics at every opportunity to deepen their understanding and passion for these subjects. Her classes will often find themselves out and about observing the real world and testing their ideas.


Alexandra Feder

Honours B.A., Sociology, York University
B.Ed., University of Ontario Institute of Technology, OCT
Senior Social Sciences, English
Additional Qualifications: Special Education Part 1

Ms. Feder is very excited to be at Hudson College as she continues her journey teaching English and the Social Sciences.

Ms. Feder knew that she wanted to be a teacher after her experience overseas as a student herself! Ms. Feder spent some of her most formative years in Tokyo, Japan where she experienced being taught in a whole new light. She was in a classroom with students that came from all over the world and the meaning of inclusivity became very clear.

Since then, Ms. Feder has worked with children in a variety of settings and has really enjoyed teaching at the High School level. She has a passion for creativity and critical thinking and enjoys pushing her students to that ‘aha’ moment!

When Ms. Feder is not in the classroom, you can find her reading, spending time with family and friends, exercising, and looking up the next healthy recipe.


Kieran Greeson

M. Mus., University of Ottawa
B. Ed. Music, Nippissing University, OCT
Music Specialist and Musical Director for Hudson

Before graduating from Nippissing University's Bachelor of Education program, Mr. Greeson studied at the University of Ottawa, Laurentian University, and Cambrian College. There he received a Masters of Music Performance, Bachelors of Music Performance, and Diploma of Music. Kieran joined the Hudson team seven years ago and has been the school's Music Specialist and Musical Director ever since.

You can often find Mr. Greeson at Hudson conducting the band, and organizing concerts, recitals, and performances. He even loves teaching the odd science class as well! In addition to those duties, his tech savviness comes in hand when teaching the Computer / Media technology class to Grades 5 through 8. A very busy man, he still finds time to run several special events at the school such as Hudson Idol, the annual Science Fair, Arts Night and annual Spring Music Recital.

At Hudson, Kieran has created several unique video projects over the years. You can view a selection of them by clicking on the YouTube button on the website. You'll find Mr. Greeson involved in almost all areas of the Arts Programmes at Hudson and he seems very happy doing so! Outside of school, his interests include music, of course, birding, disc golf, and spending as much time as he can with his wife and their friends.


Shannon Hancocks

H. B. A. English & Drama, University of Guelph
B. Ed. Intermediate/Senior, Brock University

Ms. Shannon has been a teacher to the young and old since before she left high school. From teaching toddlers drama at summer camp to teaching senior citizens dance at retirement homes, she has gained a wealth of experience and strategies. Shannon's passion for teaching has enabled her to start her own children's theatre company, design women's dance programs, and travel the world. For three years, Shannon taught at a school in Malaysia offering the Ontario curriculum. She's happy to be back in Toronto, enjoying her third year at Hudson College. Here she teaches Drama, English, Media Arts, and Food & Nutrition. She organizes the Dance club, Drama club, numerous field trips, and the Hudson Lip Dub. She also assists with Hudson's special events like Arts Night, Artists in Residence, and the Bark Lake camping trip.


Sharon Hudson

B. A., Psychology, York University
B. Ed., York University, OCT

Mrs. Hudson – no, she didn't have to change her name - has taught for the Toronto Board of Education for the past 35 years. In addition to her degrees, her qualifications include Specialist in Primary Education, Library, Drama, ESL, Special Education, and Junior Education. She has presented workshops for teacher training at OISE. She joined the Hudson team 4 years ago and has taught in the Grade One classroom as well as serving as the school's beloved librarian and story teller extraordinaire! Mrs. Hudson enjoys gardening and shares her interest in chess with Hudson's Chess Club for students in grades 1 to 8.


Steven Kokkinias

B.Sc. Mathematics, McMaster University
B.Ed. Mathematics O.I.S.E, University of Toronto

Mr. K. has taught mathematics to middle and high school students since 2001 in Ontario, Quebec, The Dominican Republic and China. In 2003, Mr. K. was the recipient of the Teacher of the Year award from Long point First Nations School. Steven joined Hudson College in 2006 and has enjoyed teaching the mathematics program for the past 7 years. In his teaching philosophy Mr. K believes that "optimism, much like laughter, is highly contagious, and that when we as teachers are able to find the positive side to most situations we model for students very effective social and problem solving skills." Mr. K. enjoys graphic art design, music and cycling in the "great outdoors". He also enjoys engaging his students through the use of art, music and computer design. He hopes to inspire his students to take full advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of learning and to enjoy the journey!
Bon Voyage!


Erin McCarthy

Honours B. A., Wilfrid Laurier University
B. Ed., OISE / U of T, OCT
Additional Qualifications, Special Education Part 1 & 2

Ms. McCarthy is currently in her sixth year at Hudson College and is the Grade Seven teacher. She loves her job and enjoys the creativity and passion, along with the growth and maturation she gets to see over the course of the school year, in her students. Erin believes in challenging them in all areas, including thinking outside of themselves when they look at the world around them. With a passion for the Arts, Erin teaches much of the Fine Arts program to the Junior / Intermediate Division at Hudson. She absolutely loves seeing what students can create when given the space, opportunity, and inspiration to do so. Outside of school, she enjoys camping, gardening, playing hockey, and spending time with her family and friends.


Megan McCartney

B.A., Windsor University
B. Ed., Trent University, OCT
Faculty Member at Young Peoples Theatre (YPT) since 2010

When choosing a career, Mrs. McCartney always knew she wanted to pursue a field that would enable her to stand up for children's rights and help to guide them in their success. Teaching was a natural choice. Every day, Megan is excited to see what unfolds in her classroom and school community. Daily, her goal is to challenge and support her students - academically and socially - to reach their full potentials. As a theatre graduate and active faculty member at YPT, it is Megan's belief that the Dramatic Arts develop life-long skills of creativity, collaboration, and communication. They are essential components of self-confidence, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. She uses Drama across the curriculum to assist students in their learning and to make relevant connections, thereby increasing their overall understanding. She finds Hudson to be a warm and supportive environment not only for students, but for staff as well. She looks forward to many more years as a member of the Hudson team!

"It's not the answer that enlightens but the question." Eugene Ionesco


Shannon Mollard

B. Ed. Primary/Junior, University of Windsor, OCT
Certificate of Registration and Qualification with the Ontario College of Teachers
Certificate of Registration and Qualification with the General Teaching Council of Scotland
H. B. A. Political Science, University of Windsor
B. A. English, University of Windsor
B. Sc. Biology, University of Windsor
A.Q. Senior English, O.I.S.E, University of Toronto
A.Q. Creative Writing and Reading, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Mrs. Mollard brings a wealth of teaching experience from private to public schools in Canada and Scotland. She has over thirteen years of experience working with Primary and Junior students. Her experience as a teacher includes facilitating learning in the Reggio Emilia system, instructing French with the AIM program, working with gifted students and teaching English as a Second Language.

Mrs. Mollard has a passion for teaching and believes that teachers must provide different avenues to help facilitate critical thought. She believes this approach helps to foster self-confidence and a spirit of independent learning. Her philosophy is that children have a lot to offer in the classroom and the relationship between child and teacher is a collaborative one. Parents are a part of the learning process as well and she wants to make them feel valued and included.

Outside of class, she is interested in art, music, literature and writing. She has a love for travel and learning new things. Mrs. Mollard enjoys playing sports and spending time with her family.


Yovanny Munoz

Business Administration U.T.E. Quito, Ecuador
TESL Certificate - Toronto, Canada

Mr. Yovanny has been in the teaching profession for almost 20 years. He worked in an all-girls private school in Ecuador before returning to Canada in 1999. He joined Hudson in January of 2006 and feels that "Hudson is the best school he has ever worked at; and I'm not just saying that!" Most of his career has been spent working with young adults and because of his ESL experience he has had the pleasure of meeting students from around the world and learning about so many different cultures. This perspective uniquely qualifies him for the diverse courses he teaches at Hudson.
In addition to his teaching, Mr. Yovanny is involved in planning many of the student events throughout the year especially the trips to overseas destinations. He has taken Hudson students to London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Mr. Yovanny is also involved in the organization of student council events such as the annual Terry Fox Breakfast, the annual Spirit Week and Halloween Dance, the annual International Festival, and the annual Hudson Prom among other activities. In his free time, Mr. Yovanny takes his wife and children on family trips, watches movies, reads books and enjoys listening to music.


Mike Polsinelli

B.A Wilfrid Laurier University, Psychology
B. Ed., University of Ontario Institute of Technology- Highest Distinction, OCT

Mr. Polsinelli has a strong passion for teaching, coaching and participating in a variety of athletics both within the Hudson community and his personal life Mr. Polsinelli coaches Sr. Boy's Basketball and is the co-ordinator for Hudson's intramural Floor Hockey. He places a strong emphasis on character education and subscribes to an inclusive approach within the classroom. He believes nothing is more rewarding than seeing his students excel academically and socially to become outstanding 21st century learners. In his personal time, Mr. Polsinelli is actively involved within the hockey community as not only a player, coach and fan of the game, but also a Toronto Marlies Game Crew Member. Let's Go Marlies!


Marco Reda

Honours B.A. Kinesiology, York University
B. Ed. Physical Education & Biology

Before graduating from York University and pursuing a career in education, Marco played 12 years of professional soccer. He is currently the Director of Coaching at Power Soccer Inc., and a USSF ‘A’ Licensed coach.

Marco’s teaching philosophy focuses on student success by creating an environment where they can explore, construct, solve and apply. He feels that he has the necessary tools to reach the “21st Century Learner” and prepare them for this ever-changing and diverse world.

Marco currently teaches Health and Physical Education for all the elementary classes at Hudson. He also teaches HPE and Science at the high school level.

As the Athletic Director at Hudson, Marco oversees the school's athletic program that competes in the Small Schools Athletic Federation. He also coaches a number of sports that include soccer, volleyball and badminton.

Marco is a sports “nut” and enjoys participating in a variety of activities, including golf, skiing and tennis. When he isn’t on the playing field or in the classroom, Marco spends as much time as possible with his wife and two children.


Tanya Relitzki

Honours B. A. English & History, Queen’s University
B. Ed. Intermediate/ Senior, Queen’s University

Ms. Relitzki is excited to begin the new 2016/17 school year at Hudson College. She will be working in both the Guidance and English Departments. Ms. Relitzki has had the opportunity to teach and learn about the education systems in Canada, Spain and Mexico. Such experiences have made her an open minded and well-rounded educator. With a passion for travel and culture, she often seeks to integrate her knowledge into the classroom environment and encourage students to become global citizens. Ms. Relitzki’s experience as a guidance counsellor has amplified her passion for mentoring students. She takes great pride in getting to know each student’s history, interests, strengths and weaknesses. She thoroughly enjoys working with students to create an academic plan that relates to tangible career goals. She firmly believes that students are able to achieve personal success when they feel safe, encouraged and can envision their future. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Relitzki enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, yoga, photography and spending time with her family and friends.


Farah Naz Shaikh

B.A. Carleton University
B. Ed. Concordia University
M.Ed. OISE/University of Toronto, OCT
Additional Qualifications, Special Education, Part 1; Junior Basic; Anglais
Member of T.E.S.L. Ontario

Ms. Shaikh teaches Grade 1 in the elementary division of Hudson College. Farah believes that children learn best through their strengths, and she enjoys using teaching methods that address the diversity of intelligences children display and the different ways they learn. Diversity is a cornerstone of her philosophy of teaching, and Farah is also passionate about creating a curriculum that reflects the diverse and unique perspectives of the many cultures that make up Canada. Integration of these perspectives enables youth to develop a stronger sense of identity, and helps them to become more confident and active contributors to society. Outside of school, Farah loves to travel and has lived and taught in Indonesia and an Inuit village in the Arctic, among other cultural communities. Her recent explorations in Europe have included Italy and Paris.


Lui Veleno

Honours B.A. English & Media
Honours B.A. Math
M.A. English (June 2015)

Mr. Veleno has over 14 years of teaching experience at both the elementary and high school levels. Mr. Veleno is thrilled to be teaching the Grade Eight class at Hudson. Through his various teaching positions, he has acquired a strong understanding of curriculum, learning styles, and various learning profiles and exceptionalities.

Mr. Veleno's teaching focuses on fostering a passion and love of learning amongst his students and helping them see themselves as "perpetual learners." He believes it is important to nurture an inquisitive mind, and to engage and challenge students to excel in all areas of their academic and personal lives. In his view, students must be encouraged to become proactive and take ownership of their own education so that it becomes both more personal and meaningful. Mr. Veleno is committed to helping his students understand that learning is a lifelong process, and is aware that the changing dynamic of the global community will require our students to embrace learning throughout their lives.

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