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Duke of Ed. Lunch & Learn

Duke of Ed. Lunch & Learn

Hudson College hosted another successful Lunch and Learn for all students who were interested in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program. A representative from Duke of Ed came in to go through the specifics of the program, and explained the requirements for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. The purpose of the program is to give students an awareness of how to take charge of their own learning outside of the classroom. Hudson students have participated in the program for the last several years, and due to the positive impact, this is the second year that all of our Hudson Grade Nines have registered! We are confident that by spending time focusing on service, physical recreation, improving a skill, and going on an adventure, our students will become more well-rounded and prepared to contribute to their community. By getting started in Grade Nine, the positive impact that this program has will see our students through their entire Hudson careers and beyond. The Duke of Ed is recognized internationally, and is a great opportunity for our students!

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