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Entomologists in Training; Hudson's SK class learns about insects!

Entomologists in Training; Hudson's SK class learns about insects!

The Senior Kindies are Entomologists in Training! They are learning all about insects. The SK’s can tell you that insects have three body parts: head, thorax and abdomen. They have 6 legs and two antennae. The SK’s have compared and contrasted different insects, understanding how insects communicate, what habitat they live in and what their predators and prey are. Through Reggio inquiry, the SK’s understand concepts of camouflage, migration and life cycles. After discussing different facts about an insect, the teacher sits with each student and has a one on one conversation about what they have learned. Through modelled writing, they write their ideas in their booklets. The SK’s have finished their Entomologist Investigation booklets where they are proudly on display in class! The SK’s are making daily observations this month, as we have live caterpillar larvae in the classroom. We can’t wait to see the larvae get bigger and then change into a chrysalis. We’ll transfer the chrysalis to a butterfly enclosure and watch as they hatch into adult butterflies. The SK’s furthered their Entomologist Studies by going with the JK’s to the Kortright Centre. They observed some real insects in their habitats and learned more about them. As the SK’s learn more, they inquire further, driving the class forward with excitement for knowledge!

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