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First Annual Public Speaking Contest

First Annual Public Speaking Contest

The first annual Hudson College Public Speaking Contest was a great success, with 18 students from Grades 4 to 8 competing across the Junior and Middle school categories. Topics ranged from Bullying to The Placebo Affect to Mac 'n' Cheese: Kraft Dinner vs. Homemade. With a wide array of interesting topics, all speakers did an excellent job engaging the audience and proving why they were chosen as the top speakers from their respective grades. Special congratulations for our winners! In Junior, Grace M. (Gr. 4) won for her speech Canada, and runner-up was awarded to Hebah N. (Gr. 6) for her speech Having a Twin. In Middle School, Amaan T. (Gr. 7) won for his impassioned speech Change, and runner-ups were awarded to Maya C. (Gr. 8) and Alexa K. (Gr. 7) for their speeches Should Grade 8 Students Write Exams? And, Equal Rights in Education. A big thank you to Mr. Minty and our judges Mrs. Mallin, Ms. Feder and special guest judge (and parent) Lindsay McMurray for running this successful event.

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