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Hudson Cooking Club with Chef Lynn Crawford

Hudson Cooking Club with Chef Lynn Crawford

The participants of the Hudson Cooking Club reconvened on May 11th to test their cooking mettle in front of a panel including their peers, Hudson administration, and world-renowned, executive Chef Lynn Crawford. 

Student judges Fletcher Malone and Tien Nguyen earned their places at the front table with thoughtful responses to the question: What is your favourite dish to make, and why? (When you next see Fletcher and Tien in the Hudson hallways, be sure to ask them about their responses!)

Chef Lynn Crawford, Mr. Bavington, Mrs. Bastien, and our student judges had a difficult task: they assessed three groups’ versions of the potato salad from Lynn Crawford’s At Home with Lynn Crawford.

The first group to present their dish was The Couch Potatoes. The group’s student ambassador, Grade 5 student Lauren Capern, spoke eloquently about her group’s choices. During judging, Lauren mentioned how much Chef Lynn’s feedback meant to her, a sentiment surely felt by all of the other participants! The Couch Potatoes’ bold choice to add grated apple to their dish was popular amongst the judges; the sweetness and crunch of the fruit was hailed as a success! 

Next, The Carrot-E-Choppers served their dish. The judges commended this team for their plating, the inclusion of dill, and for their perfectly prepared hard-boiled eggs. Ms. McCarthy was the Carrot-E-Chopper’s judge for technical criteria, assessing this team on their team-work, communication, kitchen skills, and time management. Ms. McCarthy was very impressed with the Carrot-E-Chopper’s co-operation and with their pre-event practice – she noted that the team members prepared diligently for the jobs that they assigned themselves. This preparatory work paid off well with their delicious potato salad. 

Finally, The Spicy Spatulas shared their beautifully plated dish. This team’s foresight in requesting a ring mold was keen, and the judges also commended them for the appetizingly colourful ingredients that they chose. Chef Lynn underscored the importance of plating visually appealing dishes, and she praised The Spicy Spatulas for their careful and vibrant presentation including bright roasted tomatoes, cilantro, and cucumbers.

After the judges’ difficult work of “Chopping” two teams, the winning group celebrated their victory. Congratulations to The Carrot-E-Choppers!

Many thanks to Chef Lynn Crawford for sharing her insight and her time, to Hudson parent James Hyslop for facilitating Chef Lynn’s visit, to the judges, and to all of the Hudson Cooking Club participants!

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