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Hudson's Daffodil Donation

Hudson's Daffodil Donation

We are proud to announce that as a school we raised $1,445 in donations for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) as part of our Daffodil Month campaign. Anika from the CCS visited Hudson today to present us with an Appreciation Certificate to recognize Hudson students’ donations. There to accept the Certificate on behalf of the student body were a number of Grade 8 students and Mr. Bavington.

Thank you to all those who donated. A special thank you to one of our parents, Mrs. Thawer, herself a cancer survivor, for helping to organize our event, including getting the Daffodil pins and cupcakes. Also, a big thank you to our student volunteers in grades 7 and 8 who stationed themselves in the main lobby each day – you did a great job collecting donations!

Way to go, Huskies!

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