Parent Council

To thrive, every school needs active participation – from staff, students, and parents. At Hudson, we believe parental involvement makes an essential contribution to the School. Over the course of each year, we offer many rewarding opportunities in which parents may be willing to contribute their time, talent, energy, imagination and personal resources.

Members of the Parent Council meet regularly over the course of the school year to provide advice, support, and assistance in the on-going development of Hudson and its various programs.

As we grow, we continue to want and need valuable help, guidance and support from our Hudson families. As a vibrant school with a bright future, we want our parents to have continued input as to the scope of the programs, clubs and activities we offer.

Over the years, members of our Parent Council have had a great understanding of the philosophy and approach we strive for at Hudson. They have always been extremely generous with their time and energy. They have been instrumental in the success of our annual events, clubs, activities, co-curricular programs and sports programs. They have volunteered numerous times to help in many ways both large and small.

We are hoping that a number of you may be willing to contribute your time, talent, energy, imagination and resources to be a part of Hudson’s Parent Council.

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