Learners to Leaders

Hudson College promotes and develops leadership qualities amongst our students. Through a number of experiences, we equip our students with a strong sense of character, dedication to community and leadership skills, preparing them to take on leadership roles in a variety of future life and career opportunities.

The Hudson College slogan is “Be Yourself” – a message repeated from kindergarten to grade 12. We believe that students gain the self-confidence to be themselves as they mature into young adults in a supportive, academically enriched community of peers and teachers where students can share innovative ideas and create long-lasting friendships.


Hudson provides the opportunity for students in all grades to develop leadership skills. In line with Hudson’s commitment to educate the ‘whole child,’ we offer a number of opportunities that help build self-confidence and leadership skills that promote the development of well-rounded citizens and leaders within their communities.


Beginning in Grade 8, all Hudson students belong to one of four distinguished Houses - The Maritimes House; The Great Lakes House; The Prairies House; and The Rockies House. The House System is an important part of our community. All Faculty and Staff also belong to one of the four Houses.

The House System fosters a sense of community, belonging, and camaraderie that encourages healthy competition, develops school spirit, and rewards positive actions initiated by students by awarding points for participation in extra-curricular activities. Students proudly wear their House Colours on Spirit Days, House Huddle Days and House Activity Days as a sign of solidarity and pride with other House members. The House System is just one of the many ways that we provide a sense of community here at Hudson. Read more here.


Hudson Heroes identifies the club comprised of compassionate students dedicated to social activism in their local community. Through fundraising to support local families, shopping for Christmas wish-list gifts, or participating in community events such as Tokens4Change, Hudson Heroes develop a civic responsibility to our communities less fortunate.


All Hudson College, students have the opportunity to participate in the “Duke of Ed” personal challenge where they strive to achieve Bronze, Silver, or Gold level awards. This internationally recognized program is designed to encourage young people to develop positive leadership skills and lifestyle habits. The Edinburgh’s Award focuses upon: Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. Students must demonstrate a consistent commitment to each area. This program offers students aged 14-24 a supportive, non-competitive, youth development platform that develops self-awareness, builds self-confidence, as well as broaden’s skills and experience to further their growth as active, responsible citizens. Hudson College automatically enrolls all new high school students in this program, providing ongoing support and assistance in their journey to success. Read more here.


Hudson College grade nine students are welcomed into our high school with a series of workshops that focus on the development of skills and habits that ensure a successful high school experience and beyond. The program highlights the exploration of a strong sense of self. We believe that a strong self-concept is resilient in challenging times. Through a variety of workshops students develop their learner profiles that gives them an awareness of their learning needs and strengths, their learning preferences as well as their interests. Students learn about time management, instilling strong study habits, physical and emotional well-being, ways to reduce stress, self-advocacy, leadership, and more.


Hudson College has partnered with Me to We, a charitable organization connected with Free The Children. Me to We inspires young people to take on community service opportunities and offers leaderships training programs, international volunteer trips, inspirational presentations and call-to-action initiatives. This is a transformative opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of communities abroad. While participating in cultural immersion activities and social issues workshops, youth who travel with Me to We gain the skills necessary to become civically engaged citizens, academically successful students, and skilled professional leaders on a global scale.


Hudson students are exposed to inspirational presentations from motivational speakers and leaders in their respective fields.


The Green Huskies is comprised of student representatives from grade 3 to 12 who promote “acts of green” in daily activities at Hudson. The Green Huskies promote green living by reducing each class’s ecological footprint through class challenges, and they plan annual events such as Earth Hour and Earth Week. The Green Huskies assist with clean-up after major school events and maintain our school gardens.


The Helping Hands Committee is comprised of students from our elementary school who work with our Upper School’s Outreach Committee. They are responsible for selecting local and international charities to support throughout the school year. These charities have included: Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children; Toronto Star’s Santa Claus Fund; Daily Bread Food Bank; Red Cross for Japan; The Aboriginal Fund; Habitat for Humanity; Ladybird Animal Sanctuary; and Yorktown Family Services. The Helping Hands Committee is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of school fundraisers.


Hudson’s Upper school students have the opportunity to tutor younger-aged Hudson students in various subjects. This tutoring creates a mentoring opportunity as older students act as positive role models to their younger peers.


Hudson students learn to be good citizens through the focus on character building. The character attributes that Hudson values are consistent with the character traits identified as essential in the leaders of the 21st Century: personal integrity, respect for others, self-discipline, social responsibility, teamwork, honesty, and perseverance.

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