Lower School

Dedicated to Developing the Whole Child

Our Lower School offers a superior, balanced academic program from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Our mission is to engage students in a dynamic learning environment and inspire them to become intellectually vibrant, creative, compassionate and responsible individuals. We help prepare them to assume leadership roles as valued citizens of their communities.

Our Lower School program helps our students develop the skills to not only do better at school, but also develop the confidence to do better in everything else. We pride ourselves in providing students with a positive, nurturing, and supportive learning environment that allows each student to reach her or his maximum potential.

At Hudson, we recognize that a diverse, multicultural learning experience broadens intellectual horizons and promotes in each student a sense of appreciation, tolerance and understanding of other cultures.

We believe that the development of both academic and creative learning skills enriches the individual child and encourages independent thought and imagination. We strongly support the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body. We provide a stimulating, challenging and nurturing school environment that supports the development of the whole child, physically and intellectually, into a caring, responsible and productive member of the global community.

We also believe that knowledge is best acquired through a series of positive learning experiences, and that children build on these experiences as they develop and progress in life. Our students are recognized and respected for the unique individuals that they are, and their successes reflect our dedication to providing an exceptional, well-rounded education for all of our bright young students.

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