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Upper School

Building Brighter Futures™

Our Upper School offers an enriched academic program for students from Grade 9 to university entrance. We challenge and motivate each student to reach her or his full potential, both academically and emotionally. Please see below for some important features of our Upper School program that ensure and inspire our students’ success in learning.


We provide a full support network for Grade 8’s transitioning to Hudson grade 9.

Throughout the year we work closely with every Grade 9 student to provide a full support network as they adjust to the concept of “FREEDOM WITH RESPONSIBILITY” in high school.  Group workshops and individual meetings are implemented on a regular basis.  One common (study) time slot also permits us to bring all grade 9’s together to address skill development.   Our grade 10 Hudson Helpers also play a role in helping grade 9’s in their transition to high school.


Flexible Three-semester system.

Compared to most schools’ 2-semester systems or some schools’ non-semester systems, our three-semester system offers students a more flexible academic schedule.  Students are able to concentrate on fewer courses at a time – less stressful and more focused.   Time is available daily for students to get individual help and support.   Senior students have the opportunity to update a key course within the same school year.


Learning at Hudson is individualized. 

Our class sizes are small.  With an average class size of 15 students our teachers have more one-on-one time.  Learning is therefore more effective.  Our tutoring and skill development programs are also available to help every individual student improve in a particular area of study.   Full guidance and support are always there to help each student draw an individualized “roadmap” of learning. 


Our teachers make a difference.

They care deeply about our students’ education.  They use a variety of methods, excellent resources and technology to inspire students to make learning an enjoyable journey.  As students’ mentors, coaches and leaders, they participate in all aspects of school life.  They are always there to help and support students.


Our students are well-rounded individuals.

Our students are very active in school life, extracurricular activities and volunteer projects.   They are Hudson Helpers, Hudson Heros, and Duke of Ed participants.  They feel a strong sense of connection to the Hudson community.  Our students value diversity, and are enriched by the inherent learning experiences offered by a multicultural school environment.   They are encouraged to be leaders and at the same time, to “BE YOURSELF”.


We are a safe school.

We are indeed a safe and positive learning environment.  We are committed to bringing a smile to each student’s face and do not tolerate bullying.  Our school culture has been proudly built on respect for one another. 


We are an all-round school.

Inside the classroom, we value a balanced curriculum, nurturing students’ intellectual curiosity through a skills-based, cross-curricular program that has been implemented over a wide range of compulsory and optional courses.   Outside the classroom, we offer a full range of activities.  Whether it’s a wide variety of clubs, sports, music and dance, leadership camps, or the annual trips in Canada and overseas, Hudson has it all.


Distinguished university placement rate. 

To date, 100% of Hudson students have been accepted to the university or college of their choice in Canada or internationally.  Many of our students graduate with provincial awards as well as large university scholarships.   

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