As part of our commitment to ‘whole child’ learning, at Hudson we offer ample leadership opportunities for students at each grade level to build their self-confidence both inside and outside of the classroom. We strive to ensure that our students develop essential leadership skills that in turn will help them become better, more well-rounded citizens and leaders within their communities; and it is for this reason that we strongly encourage all students to participate in leadership opportunities during their Junior, Middle, and Senior School years. Here are just some of the Leadership Programmes available for students at Hudson:



The Heroes are a group of compassionate Upper School students who are dedicated to improving the lives of the less-fortunate. Whether it is fundraising to support a local family, shopping for holiday gifts to donate, or participating in community events such as Tokens4Change, Hudson Heroes are continuously effecting positive change in their local community.


Green Huskies

The Green Huskies have student representative at each grade level starting in Grade 3. Their main role as a group is to promote and ensure “acts of green” in daily activities at Hudson. In addition to the promotion of living green and reducing one's ecological footprint through class challenges, the Green Huskies help plan annual events such as Earth Hour and Earth Week. They also help clean-up after each major school event and help plant, maintain our gardens, including our recent butterfly garden addition, around our campus.


Helping Hands Committee

The Helping Hands Committee is comprised of students from each grade level, starting in Grade 3. The Committee works in conjunction with our Upper School’s Outreach Committee and is responsible for selecting local and international charities to support, both at Holiday times, as well as at other times throughout the school year. Some of the charities that have been selected and supported over the years by Hudson include: Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children; Toronto Star’s Santa Claus Fund; Daily Bread Food Bank; Red Cross for Japan; The Aboriginal Fund; Habitat for Humanity; Ladybird Animal Sanctuary; and Yorktown Family Services (to name but a few). As a Committee, the students and staff advisors are responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of school fundraisers, such as casual dress days, pizza days and bake sales, class competitions, plus many more events.


Hudson Tutors

Leadership opportunities are offered to Upper School students to tutor younger-aged Hudson students in various subjects as a means to help-out their fellow students and to serve as mentors and positive role-models to students who need additional help in a particular area. The goal is to have students leave Hudson infused with a desire to help others and armed with the skills to become positive, productive, and responsible contributors to their local and wider communities.

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