House System
  • The Maritimes House

    The Maritimes House

    Impetu Maris Maritima – “The Fury of the Maritime Sea”

    Our Maritimes house is famously known for their boisterous chants during pep rallies and throughout the school year during house activity days. Original Discovery Award winners, “the Reds” are responsible for the annual MOGs (Maritime Olympic Games) and the “Snow Bowl” competitions. The mighty Maritimes are further identified by their crimson colour, painted faces, flags and banner waving. “We’re the house in Red and we’re gonna win Discovery.”
  • The Great Lakes House

    The Great Lakes House

    The competitive and friendly spirit of the Great Lakes House is felt during pep rallies and during activity days as they fill the school with Huskies school spirit. Great Lakers can often be seen in a sea of blue, stomping their feet as they say their cheer, and intimidating (friendly, of course) other houses with their crashing sounds of water. Highly motivated, the Great Lakers are often heard chanting, “We will, we will SOAK YOU!” Our mission – to win the Discovery Award!
  • The Prairies House

    The Prairies House

    Branded in green! Distinguished in character! Prairies members come together in celebration and collaboration to affirm their positive presence amongst the Hudson community. Jubilant voices resonant in unison to proclaim our pride in membership and our Huskies’ spirit. Whether engaged in athletics or extra-curricular activities, our camaraderie is evident and a testament to the legacy of the mighty Green Machines!!!
  • The Rockies House

    The Rockies House

    Rockies, Rockies we aim high; Rockies soar where eagles fly!” Those were the opening lines of our original chant and they remain true today. Multiple winners of the Discovery Award, the Rockies are a force to be reckoned with. We always strive to be as creative as possible in the activities we plan throughout the school year, whether it is at the annual pep-rally or in the monthly house-huddle activities. “The air we breathe is rare and thin; people say we are born to win!” “Victory, victory is our cry, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, GO ROCKIES!

A large part of our goals at Hudson is to develop young students of character who will be the next leaders of the 21st Century. We teach students from an early age the importance of personal integrity, respect for others, self-discipline, social responsibility, teamwork, and much more as part of our monthly Character Awards that start in Kindergarten. Much of this character education takes place beyond the classroom and core academic curriculum, forming an integral part of the day-to-day fabric of our school.

Throughout their Primary, Junior and Intermediate years, we encourage our students to assume leadership roles, pursue their interests, and follow their passions, both inside and outside the classroom. This is accomplished through many various co- and extra-curricular activities offered at Hudson. Beginning in Grade 8, all Hudson students belong to one of four distinguished Houses - The Maritimes House; The Great Lakes House; The Prairies House; and The Rockies House. The House System is an important part of our community. All Faculty and Staff also belong to one of the four Houses.

The House System fosters a sense of community, belonging, and camaraderie that encourages healthy competition, develops school spirit, and rewards positive actions initiated by students by awarding points for participation in extra-curricular activities. Students proudly wear their House Colours on Spirit Days and House Huddle days as a sign of solidarity and pride with other House members. The House System is just one of the many ways that we provide a sense of community here at Hudson.

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