Why Hudson?

We’re a co-ed, non-denominational private school in midtown Toronto that offers a cohesive approach to developing the whole child at every grade level.

A balanced, rigorous curriculum

We build a love of learning and mastery across all academic areas, with enrichment and carefully-considered scaffolding for each grade. As a JK–12 school, our academic teams backward map the curriculum to ensure that students finish in June with the foundation for a strong start to the next step in their education, from senior kindergarten to senior year.

Dedicated teachers

Our teachers are caring mentors, coaches, and leaders. With smaller class sizes (13–20 students) and excellent resources, they can provide the attention and encouragement needed to help students feel confident, positive and academically engaged.

Collaborative learning

We see every student as capable and creative. Hands-on learning experiences and enrichment activities promote a deeper understanding of the curriculum, while close communication with families and structured opportunities for help (after-school homework rooms, guided study periods) create a circle of support.

Thoughtful technology

Students benefit from intentional technology integration and access to cutting-edge tools (M-Bots, 3D modelling, VR, Adobe Creative Suite) across different subject areas, from visual arts to science. Coding, robotics and age-appropriate apps in the lower grades set the stage for student-led creativity and innovation in the Upper School’s 1:1 environment and tech spaces.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Clubs, activities and school trips build positive relationships and encourage students to safely explore new environments away from school and home. From field trips across the GTA to Muskoka camp weeks and spring break in international destinations like Iceland and Greece, students in every grade have special opportunities to engage with local and global communities.

Successful Graduates

100% of our graduates have received offers of admission to post-secondary institutions, and Hudson alumni have joined 140+ diverse programs at 77+ outstanding universities in Canada and around the world.

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