Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School

From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, our Lower School provides an exceptional academic foundation at every stage of a student’s journey.

Your child has their own identity, ideas, interests, skills and challenges. Our teachers develop what makes them unique while building academic confidence and self-esteem. We encourage all of our elementary-age students to be kind, intellectually curious, and express themselves as they learn and grow.

Our Kindergarten program is an exceptional start to your child’s educational journey, as we see our youngest learners as intellectually powerful, naturally inquisitive, and innately creative.

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Junior Years

Grades 1–5

The Junior Years at Hudson solidly ground students for the foundational years ahead. Elementary years are a critical time for a child’s personal and academic development, as their receptivity and capacity to learn are at their peak.

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Middle Years

Grades 6–8

Middle Year students build on the skills they’ve learned in their Junior years as they prepare for their transition to Upper School by engaging in challenging academic and co-curricular activities that enable them to become more independent.

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“There is something in the water at Hudson…this intangible and authentic sense of purpose and potential, optimism. You can really feel that everyone is headed towards the same goal – to be their best self, for themselves and for others.”

Tara Hendela

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