Upper School


Whether you want to be an astrophysicist, actor, or app developer, you’ll have to acquire in-demand skills. Most importantly, you’ll need essential skills to navigate...well, life!

Curriculum Overview

While working toward the well-regarded Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Hudson students benefit from a skills-based academic program that emphasizes the importance of skill development across disciplines. These include conducting qualitative and quantitative research, effective communication, conflict resolution, time management, digital literacy, and responsible leadership.

You’ll be able to move within and across disciplines to incorporate arts and STEM-related skills, solving problems and applying knowledge in a collaborative environment.

Course Highlights

  • Choose from over 25 electives over the course of high school. We place an equal emphasis on social sciences, fine arts and STEM, and you’ll be challenged to think holistically and critically across all subjects as you uncover new interests.
  • Immerse yourself in authentic learning with hands-on, experiential practices, group discussions and lively debates. Assignments often require self-expression and you’ll have the freedom to explore topics that matter to you.
  • Teachers enrich the curriculum with advanced concepts, cutting-edge technology, links to industry trends, real-world applications, and connections to local and global contexts. You’ll experience university-level seminars, tutorials and advanced lab techniques.
Course DescriptionS

Three-Semester System

Hudson’s three semesters offers a more flexible approach to completing eight credits each year, with students taking three courses in the fall and winter, and two in the spring. Concentrating on fewer classes at a time allows for less stress and improved focus, while naturally preparing students for the pace of a typical university schedule.

There is also a 90-minute study period every day during the first two semesters. This time is teacher-supervised in Grade 9 and 10, and creates dedicated space in students’ daily schedules for them to collaborate on projects, study for tests and seek one-on-one help from teachers. It also creates more time for after-school extracurricular activities and volunteering.


Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts programs cross over many disciplines including Visual Arts, Media Arts, Music and Drama. Through the acquisition of technical art skills, our students gain effective communication and the freedom of self-expression through the arts. By Grade 12, they have enough high-quality work and skills to assemble a professional and innovative portfolio to apply for competitive post-secondary Fine Arts programs. Technology is seamlessly integrated into our curriculum. Each student is provided with professional equipment and software such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and GarageBand to enrich their academic experiences and prepare them for future career success. Student work is exhibited in gallery shows and has been accepted into TIFF Jump Cuts and screened at the Bell Lightbox.


Social Sciences

We use inquiry-based methods, including project-based learning, university-style tutorials and scenarios that involve critical analysis to challenge and inspire our future journalists, human rights activists, social workers, educators, and change-makers. Lessons often relate to a variety of contemporary local and global issues, and students engage in research and advocacy for issues they personally connect to or witness on a regular basis. They learn to develop social science experiments and conduct studies to put theoretical learning into practice. A one-on-one approach is often used in English class to assess each student's strengths and weaknesses, provide support to develop the skills necessary for their individual trajectory and set goals for post-secondary success.



We’re particularly proud of the fact that 47% of our female students enter competitive STEM programs in university every year, accounting for almost half of our STEM graduates. We develop students' scientific literacy and promote advanced lab skills and techniques usually only acquired at the university level. Students become familiar with the cutting-edge technology used in the industry like advanced computer simulations, 3D printing and biotechnology. In Mathematics, students learn to logically argue their mathematical thought process, and enjoy a collaborative learning environment where they are encouraged to move around the classroom, and reach out to each other for ideas when they are stuck on a problem. Students develop their interest and deepen their understanding of mathematics by building mathematical models of real-world situations. Math Café and Power Math are two popular clubs at Hudson that provide extra help or advanced learning opportunities in Mathematics.



Tech at Hudson enhances learning and equips students with professional tools used in a variety of industries. With access to university-grade Google Workspace for Education Plus—a suite of tools further enhanced by Chrome OS laptops—students can make the most of our academic resources while becoming skilled in the use of different software, applications and tools, including:

Adobe Creative Suite and Apple products for art, design, film and music composition

3D printers to teach fundamentals of industrial design and development

Virtual Reality and HTC Vive headsets

Multimedia Spaces with photography equipment and wireless presentation screens

1:1 Laptop Program

All Grade 9 students receive a premium Chromebook equipped with educational software to support seamless technology integration across a range of courses.

Multimedia Suites


The iHub is a place where students can bring ideas to life by manufacturing and assembling personally designed products using 3D, VR, robotics, electronics, and multimedia. Future engineers, architects, industrial designers, or visual artists get hands-on experience with all the tools they need for creative projects.

The Post

Equipped with computers, iPads and an advanced projector, the Post is where you’ll find computer science students diligently programming or music students writing their latest composition. Themed after Canada Post with a vintage illuminated post office sign, it’s also our most stylish classroom!

The Zone

Designed by Hudson students, the Zone enables real-time collaboration with classmates and teachers. Students can connect to any device wirelessly and share work on a nine-panel video wall, similar to those used in industrial environments and university classrooms.

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