Lower School

Junior and Senior Kindergarten

The kindergarten years at Hudson are for exploring, investigating, growing, and nurturing a love of learning.

Small class sizes—13 students in JK and 16 in SK, with a lead teacher and ECE in each classroom—keep pace with our youngest students’ energy and curiosity, promoting experiential learning while establishing a solid academic foundation.

As a member of the Ontario Reggio Association, Hudson uses a Reggio Emilia-inspired pedagogy to encourage students’ natural sense of wonder.

We see our youngest students as intellectually powerful, and always welcome their ideas, opinions and questions.

A smiling kindergarten child with blocks

A Reggio Emilia Approach

Originally developed in Northern Italy, a Reggio approach to learning is guided by children’s innate creativity and curiosity about the world.

Students pursue long-term collaborative projects that purposefully connect core academic areas of language, mathematics, science, and the arts. Teachers document progress through photographs and videos that capture children’s thoughts and inquiries, and share these with families to inspire lively discussion at home.

The classroom environment is considered a fundamental part of a child’s learning, and evolves continuously to reflect student interests and provide access to engaging materials.

Kindergarten Curriculum and Programs

Saxon Math












Clubs and Activities




Class Sizes

7:1 ratio

13 students

8:1 ratio

16 students

Daily Routine

Kindergarten learners enjoy speciality subjects like music, gym and French across a well-structured schedule that emphasizes language and math.

Extended Care

Before-school care is available up to Grade 5, starting at 8:00 AM. After-school care is available up to Grade 5, in two sessions from 3:45–5 PM and 5–6 PM. Kindergarten students receive a 50% discount on extended care fees.

Hot Lunches

Our in-house kitchen provides healthy, home-style hot lunches prepared from scratch every day. Each meal includes an entree selection with a side of vegetables, salad, or fruit alongside optional beverages. Families receive a new menu each month and select which daily meals to order online.

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