Alumni Stories: Sabrina & Diana

Back when they were students at Hudson, identical twins Sabrina and Diana Williams always did everything together—and not much has changed since then.

The duo are currently barristers and solicitors running their own practice, Williams and Williams Law, and were two of the first Grade 10 students to start at Hudson in 2004. “There were only about five of us in the grade,” recalls Sabrina,“and even though we were a small class, I’m pretty sure our teachers couldn’t actually tell us apart.”

“I also remember the first school-wide photo,” Diana chimes in.“There were 14 of us and we could all fit on the front steps at the old location.”

Even with more than a decade between their time at Hudson and their current, fast-paced lives as fighters for justice, the twins still remember how their classes and teachers influenced them, which has made a big difference in their careers.

“In Grade 10 or 11 we went on a field trip to the courts for law class and we sat through some sentencing hearings,” remembers Diana.

“Seeing the lawyers in action really made an impact. Also, one of our teachers was a pilot and a lawyer, so he was someone to turn to for advice when we were thinking about university majors and careers.”

The Williams twins also cite how helpful Hudson’s inclusive and close-knit community was, stating it was integral to their learning experiences. They especially appreciated the one-on-one teaching.

“It really created a sense that our teachers cared about us as individuals,” says Sabrina. “And we still carry on many of the skills we learned today. English writing particularly, because most of our job involves a great deal of writing and oral arguments.”

On that point, the current legal team of Williams and Williams perhaps took a cue from their younger selves at Hudson, as everyone knows a solid court argument must be accompanied with a keen sense of persuasiveness. It seems the legal duo had quite a bit of that trait when they pulled a practical joke on their Hudson teachers. “In Grade 11,” both laugh recalling their mischievous sides, “we walked around school and convinced everyone that Friday was called off, so teachers showed up for school, but the students didn’t.”

If they convinced a school full of their fellow classmates, it’s clear Hudson offered solid preparation for their current careers!


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