Alumni Stories: Kabir

Kabir Shahani (’15) always wanted to make an impact, and says that being taken seriously as a kid is what led him to tackle the very adult issue of affordable housing.

Alumni Stories: Zach

Zach Wight (’16) tells us how joining (almost) every sport offered at Hudson and one special science project sparked an interest in studying how athletes hurt and heal.

Alumni Stories: Valentine

Valentine Casali (’12) headed off to Dalhousie University with every intention becoming a doctor—but found fulfillment after graduation in an entirely different people-focused field.

Alumni Stories: Tianci

What’s the common thread between polypeptide chains, international student community-building, and a non-profit sending clothes to children around the globe? McGill graduate student Tianci Wang (’12).

Alumni Stories: Seray

After joining Hudson in her senior year, Seray Pulluk (’12) found a place to call home and a strong community to support her aspirations in political science at the University of Toronto and beyond.

Alumni Stories: Sabrina & Diana

Sabrina and Diana Williams (‘06) did everything together at Hudson—and not much has changed! Now lawyers with their own practice, they look back on their experience in the early days of the school.

Alumni Stories: Marc

Marc Mitri (’13) learned how to build consensus as a student council leader at Hudson, and it’s a skill he’s used everywhere since—from his business master’s at UofT to innovative product launches.

Alumni Stories: Kayla

After studying Actuarial Science at UWaterloo, Kayla Luo (’11) took a different direction: here, she breaks down the skills that helped her forge a career she’s happy waking up to.

Alumni Stories: Karina

After thriving in all kinds of courses at Queen’s University, Karina Tatarinova (’16) ran into her biggest challenge yet: finding the right professional fit after graduation.

Alumni Stories: Fred

Fred Ouellette (’07) had all of the ingredients for successful start in the culinary arts, but calculus called him to a career in structural engineering.

Alumni Stories: Diljaann

Diljaan Gill (’08) reflects on how changing mid-program from sociology to business administration while at university unlocked a deeper passion for mentorship.

Alumni Stories: Ammar

Ammar Tajani (’14) discovered a love of finance while studying economics and statistics at the University of Toronto, but it wasn’t the field he’d first envisioned as a high school freshman.

Alumni Stories: Alex

From Hudson Husky to husky owner! Alex Wang (’14) talks to us about engineering pathways at McMaster, the value of co-op placements, and the newest addition to his family.

Alumni Stories: Doris

Choosing a university program is just the start of finding your academic interests: Doris Braunstein (’18) explains how taking a long view has helped her get the most out of Life Sciences at UofT.

Alumni Stories: Aleksandra

Aleksandra Aleksandrova (’15) explains how one fast food experiment led to a double Science major at University of Toronto, and reflects on the ways Hudson has shaped her postsecondary career.

Alumni Stories: Athena

After pivoting from an arts program to join Hudson in Grade 10, Athena (’14) grew a passion for STEM that led to a biology studies at UBC and new horizons with the Canadian Coast Guard.

Alumni Stories: Alex

Alex (’14) shares the advice that prepared him for Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto and entrepreneurial challenges at the crossroads of finance and technology.